The smallest feet make the greatest footprint on our hearts

As a new parent, I know that a lot of incredible and crazy changes are happening in your life. As a parent myself, I still remember those midnight tears, sleepy hugs from mid-day, and challenging days related to the birth of a newborn baby. Taking pictures of the newborn may not be at the top of your list, even. But I know that on the first birthday of your baby, by browsing a beautiful album containing photos of your love there is barely a year, you will be moved to tears. These tiny feet. Those sweet little lips that you still remember having kissed for the first time.

family photography Geneva
  • Several indoor studio configurations

  • The whole family is allowed

  • Accessories and clothing provided to the newborn

  • Newborn photo preparation

  • Consultation in person or by telephone

  • Product ordering session

Note: No physical or digital image is included in the session fee. After your session, I will organize with you a presentation during which you will have the opportunity to choose from various collections of products and articles à la carte available. There is no minimum spending requirement - just buy what you like. The investment at the control session varies according to the needs of the individual; we can discuss it further during your in-person consultation.

newborn family photographer

I have a simple three-step process that I guide all my clients from beginning to end to always offer them the best experience. You can take the first step towards the photo shoot of your dreams right now.


Your guide at a glance for all these little details.

Step 1: Consultation

Appointment by phone or in your favorite café and organize the photo shoot of your dreams! As soon as possible after booking (and before having your baby!), I can meet you anywhere in Geneva, at your home or at my studio. We will drink a glass and we will settle all those little details, such as backgrounds, editing preferences, posing ideas, key moments, photo inspirations and good advice for a sleeping baby. This is really the best opportunity to understand your needs and find your personal style so that I can serve you in the best way possible. You will receive my full pricing menu at that time so you can see the different printed collections and the a la carte items that you can choose after your session. All service charges are due at this time to officially reserve your place in my calendar. From that moment, we will communicate whenever you want so that everything goes well. You will inform me of your delivery within 48 hours so that we can find an ideal date to carry out your session with your baby.