Behind the scenes of a newborn baby photo session

Once in a while you're lucky enough to have another photographer in your studio, so this time I just couldn't resist to ask for a few shots of me taking photos!

newborn baby photo studio

As always, I ask my clients what they like most in my photos so that I can create the best images for them. After discussing the various options it was clear that this gorgeous newborn would be the star of the day with his loving parents.

newborn baby photo shoot

After being swaddled all nice and warm, baby was ready for his birthday suit photos. What a pleasure it was to work with this lovely family!

Geneva photographer newborn

A few days later my friend Angela gave birth to her third baby and she asked me if she could film me during her baby's session, which I'm all too happy to oblige. It's another memory for you to cherish, not only this special time, but the actual photo shoot in my studio!