Maternity photo shoot dresses in Geneva

October 18, 2018

I have to admit I've become an addict... 

Yes, I have an addiction to buying beautiful dresses! These are mainly aimed at maternity photography, but most of them can actually be used for other photo shoots such as glamour portraits and family photographs (I'm wearing a maternity dress in my profile picture!)











 They range from the dark, more extravagant deep petrol elegance, to the light, more fluid and classical sand-coloured gown. From simple lace to long-sleeved robes that can be worn all year round.

 All my dresses can be used in the studio, outdoors and indoors on location, or in your home, depending on where you'd like to be photographed.

 Each dress offers a variety of different poses and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

All these photo shoot dresses can be used for your solo shots, couple photos and family portraits. They can be combined with different backgrounds to get a completely different look (my next article will be on the use of photography backgrounds, physical and digital).

 With a simple change of wardrobe, your gallery will be filled with a variety of portraits for you to choose from. Often, clients see dresses on hangers and cannon imagine what the outcome will be. Here are only a few examples which give you a better idea of some of the possibilities.

This article was created specifically to show you a few of the dresses that are available for your sessions, but remember that the most important subject in your photographs is YOU and I want you to feel amazing. You deserve to have beautiful portraits whatever the occasion, whether it be graduation, pregnancy, becoming a mother, a grandmother or simply to be able to feel pampered and have great images of you, I look forward to meeting you and creating photos you will love and your loved ones will cherish forever. Contact me by email, fill in the form, phone or Whatsapp +41 77 409 40 05.