How to choose a newborn baby photographer in Geneva, Switzerland

October 8, 2018

How to choose a newborn photographer?


You're expecting a baby, and you already know how fast your baby will change ... And you're right! The first weeks of your child's life are a whirlwind, during which taking beautiful portraits with something other than your smartphone may well get you out of your head. That's why newborn photography is a gift for your growing family! Here's a quick guide to things to know when looking for a newborn photographer.





First of all, you will need to make sure that your future photographer has taken courses in the physiology and needs of the baby, to ensure absolute safety throughout the duration of the photo shoot. A trained photographer will leave nothing to chance, between poses, props and hygiene of the studio, the photographer will know how to put you at ease and reassure you about their skills. If during your research, a photo in the portfolio of the photographer you had spotted makes you uncomfortable or seems uncomfortable, it is surely that this photographer had not followed proper training ... The best newborn photographers follow training courses with a perinatal trainers and/or a midwife in order to ensure optimal safety. during newborn sessions in their studios.


The type of shooting


Have you defined the type of session you would like? You can opt for a newborn posing session in the studio, the photographer uses specific equipment and requires a heated room. Or for a lifestyle session, which can take place in the studio or at your home or even directly at the maternity or birthing home! In any case, the focus will be on your baby, but also on the relationship between the newborn and his parents and siblings if there are any.



The place


The place of the session is not to be taken lightly. Right after a delivery (the sessions take place on average between 5 and 20 days after delivery), the new mother is likely to be a little tired, maybe sore, and the baby is not yet accustomed to long trips ! Choosing a photographer who is not too far from your home will enable you to not to be too tired. A well-established photographer will also have a suitable place to receive you, and allow parents to rest comfortably while the newborn pictures are being taken.


The style


Style is a matter of taste! Within the Lake Geneva area, you will find many different styles, there is no better style than another, you just have to decide what you would like best. Analyze the portfolios of the photographers who best correspond to your expectations.


The personality


The personality of the photographer is also a matter of taste. The photographer who will welcome you must also be able to gain your trust, because you will entrust the apple of your eyes... 



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