The A-team

I love being able to follow up between pregnancy and newborn photos. This allows me to get to know the future parents and thus to be even better prepared for the newborn session. I met Etienne's parents when they were still dreaming of his arrival and I got to know them when they were still a couple. They naturally welcomed me in their apartment so that I can take pictures of them and Etienne.

Since I have been breastfeeding for more than 3 years, we started chatting about breastfeeding and Kat was happy to have some shots focused exclusively on this special relationship that had just begun between her and her son.

Then Dad came in to bring her a glass of water and take over trying to change Etienne's nappy. He was very proud to tell me that it was essentially him who had been doing it since he was born 10 days before. An A-team that helps each other out, with a division of labour that has nothing to envy to a multinational company!

After a few lifestyle shots, Etienne was finally ready to be a model for the newborn posing in front of a map that Kat had had specially made for her husband David to list all the places in the world they visited.

When putting Etienne in a basket that I had chosen for the occasion, Kat asked me if it would be possible to place Etienne in a crate for bottles of wine, because she works in this field. Thus, we took this opportunity to take some extra shots in this container in the presence of Etienne's blissful grandmother.

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