What to expect: Newborn posing (photo shoot)

What to expect from your newborn session


Newborn sessions are an invaluable experience. Photographing babies is a joyful experience for me and I am always in awe of the happiness and love that resonates between parents and their newborn baby. I spend a lot of time learning how to perfect my skills and I hope the following lines will help you prepare for your session.


Preparing your session:


Once you decide to schedule a newborn baby session with me, we will set a tentative date based on your expected date of delivery (DPA In French). I understand that babies rarely come when planned and I will adapt to take the pictures of your baby at the most convenient time. That said, a due date will give me a baseline. Once your baby is born, please contact me to set our date and time. Babies are better photographed in the first 5 to 10 days of their new life (maximum 15 days). They sleep better, don't have colic, acne or scabs yet. If you are a mother who has had a caesarean section, we can adapt for your comfort. I know that healing can be slow and painful. Some of my clients send baby to the studio with dad or grandparents. A session in your home is also possible. When we plan your session, we will discuss your personal style. Do you only want pictures of the baby? Are you more interested in your baby being photographed with the family than in some of my accessories? Do you want pictures with brothers and sisters? Will dad be there? Do you want photos of you skin-to-skin with baby? If you are breastfeeding, would you like photos of you breastfeeding? All these questions will help me to plan the session in the best way possible and create a session that suits you.

Please feed your baby before coming to see me or before I arrive, so that  we can start immediately if baby is still sleeping. If you bottle-feed, bring extra doses. I will also give you space and time to feed and soothe your baby if necessary. I recommend you bring some snacks, in case someone is hungry. If baby is used to using a dummy (pacifier), bring it with you, as it will help me soothe your baby between poses. If you have chosen not to use a pacifier, be ready to help me by having your finger so that baby can suck on it. I photograph babies nude and with accessories. If you would like to bring a special garment it's best to avoid headwear and the size should be exactly for the baby's age, because bigger sizes do not photograph well. Also, please bring along any personal accessories or blankets you would like to include.


What should you wear?


Wear something comfortable. Keep in mind that I rarely show something under the waist in a portrait. So you can wear shorts, jeans or whatever you want. When it comes to the upper body, plain-coloured tank tops for moms are great. The ideal is to match, so shirts and blouses in neutral colours are ideal. You can bring something to change if you want to be more comfortable after I have finished photographing you with baby (especially since accidents often happen with naked babies!). I keep my studio very warm (around 30 degrees Celsius) so that babies stay nice and comfortable without wearing clothes. Everything revolves around your baby: it's well-being and it's safety.

During your session:


Once you arrive, I will check the baby's sleep cycle and decide which accessory or pose is best for this time. I take some portraits of your baby on a beanbag and some accessories. I look for great body photos and capture some of your baby's details such as hands and feet. Do not worry about me handling your precious baby, I am a mother of two toddlers and I have taken several workshops on baby safety, as well as having a certificate in baby first aid and CPR as baby safety is in my first concern. Many of the poses you see in my gallery are made by a composition of several pictures, baby is never endangered, so do not worry as I have the techniques to soothe your baby. Depending on how your baby is and what is most important for you, we will take family photos first or after the newborn posing. Once we have these more important poses done, I will move on to photograph your newborn in the accessories you have chosen.


After your session:


Now you can go home and relax and dream of all the beautiful pictures that will soon be yours. I review the images of your session and select the best ones. Once I have the "final cut" selected, I go through each individual picture. I correct imperfections: tiny details like baby's acne or hairs on shirts once corrected can make all the difference in an image! My process also includes looking for images that shine with a special touch as a special colour application. Your images will be ready for delivery within two weeks.

I hope these few lines answer most of your queries, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or to book your newborn session.

Safety First: Newborn Baby Photography (but not only!)

My number one concern is the well-being of your baby. Not only have I studied the correct way of handling newborn babies in photography workshops, but I've also worked with midwives to ensure none of my gestures could be harmful in any way.

This applies to all of my photo shoots. I am always ensure the person I am working with is feeling their best and that they're not uncomfortable in any way: whether it be your baby, your toddler or even yourself. 

I see many photographers trying to get the best photo and completely ignoring the needs of the subjects they are photographing. For me this in unconceivable and I love to photograph people by bringing the best out of them: even babies. Newborn babies have just left the womb: a place of comfort, warmth, constantly connected with their mother, completely safe, without any external interferences. Entering the world is a shock to the system and my aim is to help your baby feel as they were feeling when they were still in your womb.

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