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What to expect from a family photo session (studio portraits)

Family photo Geneva Switzerland
Family photographer
Child portrait family photo
Family portrait Geneva
Toddler photographer Geneva
Twins portrait Geneva
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Girl photo portrait Geneva
Family photo Geneva Switzerland
Family photo Geneva Switzerland
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What to expect from your family session in the studio

Please let me know how YOU would like to be photographed. The guidelines below are mainly for your comfort and so that the photos bring out the best in you, but it's most important that you tell me how you would like your portraits to be. If you're unsure, you can refer to my portfolio for some ideas.


Outfits and clothes


The most important thing is that you are all COMFORTABLE. If something scratches or is too tight you will be focused on that during the session and it will bother you. The ideal is to avoid being dressed entirely in white or black, and try to coordinate between you (also avoid having all exactly the same outfit (eg white T-shirt and black pants ) because it can make strange effects when children sit on you). The characters or texts are really to avoid if possible, against one or two people might consider a motive (unless they are completely opposite). We can consider a change of clothes during a studio session, but in general I try rather to avoid with young children unless they like to change.



Also, if you have objects or accessories that are particularly important to you, you can let me know and I will try to integrate them in the session in an aesthetic way. Generally the family sessions in the studio are barefoot, because it is more aesthetic and as space is limited we walk a little on it so it is less bobo, or possibly in dark socks (or otherwise other colors matched with the clothes, unless a particular pattern is really important to you).


The day of the family photo shoot 


Try to come to the studio in the best mood you can and do not leave at the last minute to come to the studio to avoid stress on the road. The family sessions in the studio require especially the cooperation of the parents. What is important is that you are positive and smiling and you children will come to join you, even if they do not cooperate right away.


I look forward to meeting you so that we can make beautiful family photos together!

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